Drifting Lessons At Ebisu

Drifting Lessons At Ebisu

Interested in taking a drifting lesson from a pro drift driver at Ebisu circuit?

Drifting lessons are available for complete beginners who have never even sat in a drift car, all the way up to advanced drivers who want to polish their skills at a competition level.

The lessons are put on by Team Orange who is the professional drifting team based out of Ebisu circuit, and which the founder, Kumakubo Nobushige is also the owner of Ebisu circuit.

They offer two different lesson packages.

Option 1 – Complete Drift Lesson Package

Just as it sounds, this lesson package includes everything – the practice care hire, tires, fuel, course rental fee and the lesson fee with a pro driver from Team Orange. It also includes an interpreter (sometimes ‘yours truly’ is hired to assist) to translate between English and Japanese. You can choose a full day lesson or a half day lesson. This is the #1 choice for drivers who are visiting Japan and want to hire a car to go drifting at Ebisu and receive expert instruction with the best techniques for fun, safe drifting.

The cost of the complete package is 120,000 yen (approx. US$1,100) for a full day lesson (typically from 9 am to 4 pm with 1 hour lunch break) per person, per car.

A half day complete package lesson costs 60,000 yen (approx. US$550) per person, per car.

Option 2 – Private Drift Lesson

This option is for personal 1-on-1 coaching from a professional drift driver. For this style of lesson you must have your own car, tires, fuel and equipment to use during the lesson. This lesson is suitable for drivers of any level. If you’re just getting into drifting and have your own drift car in Japan or have it stored at Ebisu circuit, you can get a fast-track to upping your game.

Your instructor will give you the training you need to boost your drifting skills and give you advice on how to set up your car for better drifting. e.g. suspension/alignment/tire settings, etc.

The cost of a private drifting lesson costs 50,000 yen (approx. US$470) for a full day, per person, per car. Half-day lessons are also available upon request.

To book your Team Orange drifting lesson, visit their official drift lesson website http://www.driftschool-jp.com/e/driftlesson.html or inquire about lesson bookings through the Powervehicles website. When you book, tell them ‘Disco Stu’ sent you. 😉 If you require an interpreter for your drift lesson, I’ll gladly be of service for you!

Disco Stu

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  1. Hey, I will be travelling to japan on the 3/7 to the 11/7 and will be staying in Tokyo for a few nights. Partner is very interested in the private drift lesson

    Can u please give me more info on this

    Thanks paige

  2. My son is intereesy in a half day lesson. Is june 10, 2018 available? We are traveling from hawaii and that the only free day from his tour.

  3. We are traveling to japan on June 30- July 8. We are interested in lessons. What do you have open? Possible four adults.

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