Drifting at Ebisu North Course in my A31 Cefiro

Drifting at Ebisu North Course in my A31 Cefiro

Feels good to get this much drift angle and still link all the corners…

Rare Drift Footage….ME – Stu, in my Cefiro!!! Whenever I go drift at the circuit and take my camera, I usually take pics and movies of other dudes and forget to get some of myself!

Well, this last time I made sure I could get some vids and pics of me to let you know I can actually drift. Check them out….

This was the first time I actually got the Cefiro out for a drift since May this year…shocking I know..but as you can imagine, I had heaps of fun. This day, I changed the coolant in the radiator to try to keep it cooler but didn’t help much. Gets hot after about 5 laps of hard drifting.

I think I’m getting better too. I can “manji” drift (fishtail) all the way up the back straight and link it to the first corner. Pretty scary with the concrete wall there but I’m careful (enough). Look out D1 next year!!.. maybe not (yet)

Some other guy in a schmick candy red S15 Silvia….

There’s the Autumn/Fall drift matsuro coming up next month so I will try to get the Ceffy ready for that…at worst, I’ll be up there taking some vids and taking pics for you all!

Until next drift day – Drift or die!

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  1. Hi! I am living the next months in Tokyo and would be happy to watch a driftchallange in ebisu (or somewhere else). Please tell me, when the next events are 🙂 -> eMail: Brayman(NO-SPAM = AT)gmx.net

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