First time drifting this year at Ebisu circuit!

First time drifting this year at Ebisu circuit!

Hey drift fans! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven’t updated for a long time sorry… 🙁 Anyway, It finally became warm enough here in Japan to go outside without freezing my a** off and go for a drift. I got my Cefiro’s oils (engine, gearbox, diff) changed so she was all ready to slide. And slide well she did. My photographer Pete wasn’t with me that day so he couldn’t take any pics on fe drifting so there are no sexy pics of my Cefiro or me. Nothing has changed much anyway. I’m slowly saving for a body kit for the Ceffy and a nice steering wheel.

I plan to head to the circuit at least once a month this year. Last year I was too lazy and got about 3 drifts in the whole 12 months. Anyway, here are some pics I took of other guy’s rides last weekend at Ebisu.

Enjoy your drift pictures…
Very clean Silvia S13…pretty rare to see an “OLD” car drifting at Ebisu south course. Most people drive newer ones like S14’s or S15’s…like the S14 below…OUCH!!!! Mega Drift Damage!!! This is what happens when you spin in front of another car on a very fast course like Ebisu south course….not a happy camper:( There’s nothing much you can do about it though. He can’t cover it on insurance and the other guy who hit him doesn’t have to pay. All’s fair on the drift circuit. Be careful young drifters out there!! You wouldn’t want this to happen to your ride right?? I know I would not be a very happy camper! And it was a very schmivk S14 it will make some good scrap metal..geez!From this angle it looks like he’s done a WIDE body kit job to it! Or how the Japanese like to say, WIDE FENDER! The other victim…. This is the guy that was behind him and spun into him. No-one can be to blame, but both loose out big time. Maybe you could make 1 good one out of these 2 wrecks??

This is sweet! An old school WRX coupe driven by Team Orange’s Suenaga Naoto. It originally started out as an auto impreza coupe but he’s fully turned it into a DRIFT machine! Just like Kumakubo’s and Tanaka’s drift WRX Impreza’s, this one makes about 550 hp! You should hear the sound coming out of the exhaust!
I love 180sx’s or 240sx’s as they’re known in the USA. This one was EXCEPTIONALY clean as you can probably tell by the picture. Makes me want one even more when I see nice 180sx’s like this. Most ones you see at the drift tracks are real BEATERS and not even worth a look let alone a second. Gotta love the “spic and span” older drift cars like this!
Some dude in a TOYO S15 Silvia drifting it up around Ebisu South course. This weekend is D1 Round 1 at Ebisu so this guy and a few others were here to practice for D1 Grand Prix.
This guy too is entering D1 this weekend. His Chaser (sorry…MarkII) is a bit rough but nothing short of head turning. I like the carbon inserts in the doors….what do you think? As you can probably guess by the condition on this MarkII, he doesn(t baby it around the drift track. He hammered it HARD!

So, yes, D1 Grand Prix Round 1 is happening this weekend at Ebisu. Lucky me I have to work both Saturday and Sunday so I will miss it!! Unbe-freakin-lievable hey? But at least I got to see some D1 cars last weekend and take these pics. I wonder who will win? Last year, Kumakubo in his WRX won at Ebisu and the whole D1 competition. He’s my favourite again for this season, Hopefull my mate Pete is going and will take some pics of the drift action there and I can post them up on my blog here for you to enjoy. Until next time! Drift safe everybody!

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