For Sale – Cefiro Drift Car

For Sale – Cefiro Drift Car

Hi Folks!

I’m selling my beloved black Nissan Cefiro Ebisu drift taxi!

It’s been an awesome car for me over the last 4 years but have decided to part with her and get something else.

I’ve always had a sweet spot for the 180sx so that’s what I’m planning on getting next. So to make room for it, the Ceffy has to go!

It’s ideal for someone coming over here to Japan and wants a cheap drift car for Ebisu drit matsuri or for a practice car while living/visiting here.

Registering and even exporting the car is possible but it’s recommended you use it as a drift/circuit only car here in Japan. Storage at Ebisu can be arranged too.

Here are the specs:

  • 1990 (91?) Cefiro
  • RB20 DET
  • Factory Manual 5 spd
  • Less than 100,000kms


  • Nismo 2-way LSD (overhauled in Nov 2009)
  • Coilovers (Tein Front – JIC rear)
  • Heavy-duty clutch
  • Bride bucket seats x 2
  • MOMO steering wheel
  • boost guage
  • Exhaust (cat-less)
  • Air filter (apexi?)
  • Front tower bar
  • Air-con removed

Good points

Super reliable – starts first time, every time. Engine and ecu are stock so no dodgy tuning to worry about screwing up.

The car is already at Ebisu circuit – if you want to do drifting while in Japan, you can’t beat Ebisu circuit. This car lives at Ebisu so you don’t have to worry about getting a car from auctions and getting it sent here.

It’s got all the drift bits you need – it’s not a D1 spec car, but it has all the parts you need to have fun drifting – LSD, bucket seats, coilovers…. and they’re not broken!

Bad points

Exterior drift battle scars – The body has seen better days. Bumpers have been pushed, paint has been traded…and it’s faded on the bonnet and front guards. It’s definitely not a show car – but there’s no major panel damage either…miraculously!

Speedometer doesn’t work. The speedo broke about 18 months ago at 75,000 kms. Since I only drive it at the track, I’d say there hasn’t been too many extra km’s put on the clock…but you can’t check your speed doing 3rd/4th gear entries anymore!

There are a few more things as you can expect from a 20 year old car..but nothing that can stop you having fun and drifting well.

Video in Action

Here it is in front of Dave’s FC rx7 at Ebisu north course last December…


¥290,000 ono (approx. AU $3,770 or US $3,190)

You can pay online via bank wire transfer, paypal or with cash when you’re here.

There’s nothing more to pay. This is a “get in and go” drift car that you can rely on, ready and waiting for you at Ebisu circuit.

Awesome Matsuri car!

It’s perfect for anyone coming to Ebisu circuit for drift matsuri or who wants a good practice drift car while they’re visiting/staying here.

What’s drift “matsuri”? (matsuri means festival!)

If you don’t know what drift matsuri is all about, it’s basically a weekend of non-stop, no-restriction drifting on all 7 courses in Ebisu circuit. Check out this video to get a taste of it…

Ebisu drift matsuri dates for 2010 are…

Spring Matsuri: May 1st & 2nd
Summer Matsuri: August 21st & 22nd
Autumn Matsuri: November 13th & 14th

And, you can enter the new “G1 GP” – a drift competition for foreigners at matsuri, so there’s loads of fun you can have while you’re here.


Want to be the next owner of the black drift Ceffy? Got questions?

Email me at: stuart [at] driftinjapan [dot] com



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