Contact me below for Team Orange drifting lesson bookings!

I can also help you with answers about watching drifting at Ebisu circuit, events, travelling to and from the track, accommodation, etc.


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    5 Replies to “Contact”

    1. Hi Stu, tried to send you an e-mail but had no luck. Could you please reach out to me so I can pick your brain on a couple of things. Thanks!

      1. Hi Josh, thanks for the message. It’d be best if you used the contact form above to send me questions. But to answer your question, Team Orange usually run the school at their home circuit – Ebisu circuit in Fukushima prefecture (abotu 250 kms North of Tokyo). They might do a drift taxi event in Tokyo at D1 events or Auto Salon etc. once or twice a year, but I don’t know about doing drift school there. Do you have a link with more info about it? Anyway, let me know if have any more questions and if you want to attend the drifting school up here in Fukushima! – Disco

    2. Hi Stu, Do you know when they will release dates for 2020 Ebisu Matsuri Drifts? I am in Japan 27/4/20 – 7/5/20 and really hoping to see the spring event. Cheers – Brendon

      1. Hi Brendon, I won’t know about the 2020 dates until next year, February or March. But looking at your dates, it’s likely that the Spring Matsuri will be on when you’re here. Stu

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