Drift Car Exposed: Nissan 180SX or 240SX

Drift Car Exposed: Nissan 180SX or 240SX

The Nissan 180SX or 240SX as it’s known in USA and Canada has to be very close the most popular drift car. Every practice day or drifting event you go to, you are sure to see a 180SX!

The light weight chassis and sleek styling make it a favorite drift car, basically, it has all the right bits in the right places to make it a popular choice for drifters.

Turbo engine, rear wheel drive, good balanced chassis and curvy styling will have the 180SX a famous drift car for the rest of time.

Let’s take a look at the basic specs of the Nissan RPS13 180SX or 240SX:

  • Produced from 1989 to 1998
  • Sister car to the S13 Silvia
  • Features fastback roof, hatch back trunk (boot) and pop up headlights
  • First models came with CA18DET (non-turbo CA18 not offered in 180SX)
  • Later was sold with SR20DET and SR20DE

Engine specs:

  1. CA18DET – 1.8l turbo engine – 127 kW (173 hp)
  2. SR20DE – 2.0l non-turbo engine – 102 kW (137 hp)
  3. SR20DET – 2.0l turbo engine – 153 kW (205 hp)

There are 2 main versions we go by here in Japan. “Zenki” and “Kouki”. Early and late model respectively.

The main differences to tell them apart is when the 180SX got a major facelift in 1992. It got a new front bumper and rear tail lights. It was then facelifted again in 1994 but not severely.

The 180SX is so popular and good for drifting despite it’s age that there are several 180SX’s still being drifted in the D1 drift league in Japan and of course other countries.

The 180SX is a great and affordable car for the beginner drifter right through to the professional.

One more thing is that drift parts are everywhere and cheap! I might be making one of these bad boys my next drifter 😉


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5 Replies to “Drift Car Exposed: Nissan 180SX or 240SX”

  1. hey, Stu…..i’m curious, what was the body kit company of the white 180sx, the very 1st one on the post?
    i kinda like the fenders)))

  2. I have a 91 240 with a redtop sr20 in it.I bought it without the power steering pump hooked up. The pump pulley is about a pulley width toward radiator. Is there a different bracket or pulley I can get to remedy this? It was also dynoed at 295hp runnin the stock inj's, throttle body and ecu. It pops when at lower rpm's but otherwise runs pretty good. Can anyone suggest a different inj,throttle body and ecu combo that will remedy this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  3. Forgot to add that I had a custom header manifold made for that 240 (with pwr steering pulley promblem) and the seller had a bigger turbo also.

  4. I have a 911 twin turbo ready for racing with custom plates and Pro kit transmition with a brand new turbo and exaust should i turn it into a drifting car with a lowered kit and some thiner tires?

  5. to the guy with the 911 turbo.. yeah drift it! I actually secretly love Porsches.. and there aren't not enough Porsches on the drift scene!

    to the guy with the pulley problem.. sorry I'm not a mechanic..

    and responding to the first comment, sorry but I never took note of the bodykit. that pic was taken years ago.


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