Ebisu Drift Matsuri

Ebisu Drift Matsuri

Ebisu circuit is the birthplace of the ‘Drift Matsuri’. The word ‘matsuri’ in Japanese means ‘festival’. The festival is 31 hours of non-stop drifting that stretches over a weekend, three times a year – usually from 9 am on a Saturday morning right through the night – until they wave the checkered flag at 4 pm the next day (Sunday).

Matsuri goers have access to all 7 tracks at Ebisu circuit during the festival, including Higashi (east) course and West (nishi) course which aren’t usually open to drifting at regular times.

With the wide selection of exciting tracks, night time drifting and lively ‘festival’ atmosphere, it has become a world-famous event that attracts local Japanese and international drifters alike. Everyone can join in the fun, whether it’s you bringing your own car to drift or just spectating and soaking up the vibes.

2020 Ebisu Drift Matsuri Dates

Drift Matsuri happens three times a year at Ebisu circuit – in Spring, Summer, and Fall (Autumn).

ebisu drift matsuri 2020 dates
  • Spring 2020 Drift Matsuri May 2 – 3 . Unfortunately, Spring matsuri has been cancelled this year due to efforts in preventing the spread of COVID-19. In fact, Ebisu circuit is closed from April 20 with the tentative re-opening date of May 6, 2020.
  • Summer 2020 Drift Matsuri – August 8 – 9
  • Fall 2020 Drift Matsuri – November 28 – 29

The Spring matsuri usually falls on the weekend of Golden week every year in Japan, typically the first weekend of May. The weather in early May here is cool and sunny.

The Summer matsuri usually happens in the middle of August as it coincides with the O-Bon summer holiday in Japan. Don’t forget to bring your hat and sunscreen because it is very hot and humid during the summer in Japan. Make sure your car is equipped with adequate cooling such as large radiator and additional cooling fans, etc. It’s punishing on cars on summer days.

The Fall matsuri happens in late November. The Fall matsuris usually have the largest turnout of cars and spectators. The weather is cool during the days and cold at night, so bring a jacket and beanie!

The dates are roughly the same each year, however the final dates are not decided until the January of each new year.

Coming to the Ebisu drift matsuri is definitely a ‘bucket list’ item for every fan of drifting. It’s definitely a spectacle that you can plan your whole Japan drift holiday around.

Cost of Entering Drift Matsuri

Entry passes for drivers can be bought in advance (15,000 yen) via their application form which you can download and FAX to them after depositing the fee. Alternatively, you can pay at the gate on the day (20,000 yen).

Spectators pay 1500 yen for adults and 1000 yen for kids under 13 y.o. at the gate. For more information about buying tickets for drift Matsuri, check the Ebisu Circuit Drift Matsuri web page here. http://www.ebisu-circuit.com/ms2020/d_matsuri/d_matsuri.html

The Highlights of Matsuri

There is action to see all the time, but some of the highlights that you won’t want to miss are the high-speed entries on Nishi and Higashi courses, the packed pits and busy course on Kita (north) course on Saturday night from about 7 pm to midnight, and the final Nishi short (west course) grand finale on Sunday afternoon where you see the mega long drift trains.

Ebisu drift matsuri

If you happen to see me at one of the matsuris don’t be a stranger. Come and say hi! I don’t drive at the matsuri’s as much as I used to but I am usually there watching on Saturday nights at North course and at Nishi (west) course for the afternoon short course trains!

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