Drifting Lessons At Ebisu

Drifting Lessons At Ebisu

Want to take a drifting lesson from a pro drift driver at Ebisu circuit?

Drifting lessons are available for complete beginners who have never even sat in a drift car, all the way up to advanced drivers who want to polish their skills at a competition level.

The lessons are put on by Team Orange’s Kumakubo Nobushige (D1Gp Champion, owner of Ebisu circuit and founder of Team Orange) and Naoto Suenaga (D1GP / Formula D driver). 

They have two different lesson packages on offer.

Option 1 – Complete Drift Lesson Package

If you just want to come to Ebisu and drift one of the Drift School cars, this is the option for you. This is an all-inclusive package that includes everything – a fully-prepped drift car, two sets of new rear tires, a full tank of gas, helmet, course entry, and tuition from International pro drift driver.

This is the #1 choice for people who are visiting Japan on holiday and want to hire a drift car to drift at Ebisu. You can literally walk in off the street and start drifting.

No prior experience is required. You will receive expert instruction for fun, safe drifting. 

A helmet is provided for you too, but you may bring your own. Gloves are not essential, nor provided but you may bring your own if you like.

An interpreter to translate between English and Japanese is available upon request but is subject to availability. Sometimes ‘yours truly’ is the interpreter for the day. If you require an interpreter, I’ll gladly be of service for you, (if I’m available!)

Option 2 – Private Drift Lesson (in YOUR car)

This is for drifters who come to Ebisu in their own car and want to receive personal 1-on-1 coaching from a professional Team Orange drift driver. For this type of lesson, you need to provide your own car, tires, fuel and equipment for the lesson. The lesson fee covers instructor fees and course entry only.

This lesson is suitable for drivers of any level – from beginner to advanced. If you’re just getting into drifting and have your own drift car in Japan this is how you can take the fast-track to bettering your skills.

Your instructor will give you training at your level and also give you advice on how to set up your car for better drifting. e.g. suspension/alignment/tire/engine settings, etc.

Lesson Cost

Option 1. Complete Package (All-inclusive drift package)

A Full Day lesson costs 130,000 yen (approx. US$1,200) per person/car. Typically, the lesson starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m., with 1 hour lunch break from 12 to 1 pm.

A Half Day lesson (3 hours) costs 65,000 yen (approx. US$600) per person/car. (A Half-days lesson includes only 1 set of rear tires)

Option 2. Private Lesson (your car)

The cost of a 1-on-1 private drifting lesson costs 60,000 yen (approx. US$550) for a full day (4-hours of tuition + 3 hours free drifting), per person/car. 

How To Book A Lesson

You have a couple of options when it comes to booking your Team Orange drifting lesson.

Option one – You can book directly with Team Orange by visiting their website here: http://www.driftschool-jp.com/e/driftlesson.html and follow the steps which includes downloading and filling out the application form.

Option two – I’ll be your liaison with Team Orange. I will book the lesson for you on your behalf. Just contact me here and fill out the contact form with your hopeful date(s) and preferences and I will make the inquiries about your desired dates and book your lesson for you on your behalf for a small fee. 

My booking fee is 7,500 yen (approx US$67) and is a separate fee from the Team Orange lesson fee. *Note, my booking fee is only required after I can secure a date for your lesson. See below about “lesson availability”.

Please use my Contact Me page to inquire and begin the booking process. 

Why Book Through Me?

Usually, it takes quite a bit of back and forth emailing with Team Orange to find a favorable lesson date and eventually book your lesson. They have quite a busy schedule and so sometimes their email replies takes a while. They are not native English speakers either, so there also is a possibility of some miscommunication.

drifting lessons in japan

If you get me to book your lesson, you just need to contact me, and I’ll take of the rest. I’ve known the guys at Team Orange since 2005, so I have good rapport with them and they reply to my emails quickly. (I contact them in Japanese so that might help a bit)

I can also answer any questions and give you guidance about travel to and from the track, along with giving recommendations about where to stay in the area.

Sean’s Experience

My Dad and I traveled to Japan to celebrate our birthdays, and since we are car guys, when we travel anywhere we try to do an automotive related activity. Learning to drift in Japan… THE HOME of drifting has been our favorite activity yet of any trip we have taken. The cars (Skyline R33 and JZX90) we used were complete workhorses and we pushed them to the max at the infamous Ebisu Circuit in Japan. They didn’t have one issue all day. The instruction was top notch, and our instructor was super nice and an interesting guy.

The best thing I can say is I tried to use 3 services to book drift lessons and the only person that came through for me was Stuart. He went above and beyond. He stayed in touch with me the whole time, gave us directions, recommendations on accommodations, and even stopped by to watch us drift for a bit. If you’re interested in drifting in Japan go with Stuart, because you won’t regret it. Lastly I just want to say thanks to the guys and girls at Team Orange for being super friendly and cool people.

Lesson Availability

Team Orange Drifting lessons are subject to availability, as the instructors have a very busy schedule all year-round with many other commitments.

That means that you should book your lesson one to two months in advance. And not that it’s next to impossible to book a lesson in the week leading up to the tri-annual Ebisu Drift Matsuri events, D1GP comp and Formula D Japan comp events. Also, the snow season is from mid-December to late March, so it’s not recommended to try booking a lesson during this period.

Please send me a message including your hopeful date for a lesson, or ask any questions if you’re unsure.

– Disco Stu

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  1. Hey, I will be travelling to japan on the 3/7 to the 11/7 and will be staying in Tokyo for a few nights. Partner is very interested in the private drift lesson

    Can u please give me more info on this

    Thanks paige

    1. I am coming to japan on the 15/9 and will be staying there for the next two weeks.
      I am interested in a private drift lesson.can you give me some details on how i can manage that?
      Best regards.

      1. Hi Saar, sorry for not contacting you earlier. I had to make a trip back to Australia for some family matters. Please get in touch next time you come to Japan. Stu

  2. My son is intereesy in a half day lesson. Is june 10, 2018 available? We are traveling from hawaii and that the only free day from his tour.

    1. Thanks for your inquiry. I have sent you an email so please look out for it in your inbox! Stu

  3. We are traveling to japan on June 30- July 8. We are interested in lessons. What do you have open? Possible four adults.

      1. Hi Jackie, at the moment, there is a Toyota JZX100, JXZ90 (both Mark IIs, I think), a R33 Skyline, 180sx hatchback and S13 Silvia coupe in the Team Orange lesson car fleet. These are lightly tuned cars with an LSD diff, bucket seat, coil-overs, aftermarket muffler and air filter. Cheers, Stu

  4. Hi, I am looking to travel to Japan in April 2019 and treat my boyfriend to the complete drift lesson package. Please can you advise the earliest I can book for April 2019 as I will need to book flights soon. Also please can you advise how much a half day and full day would cost in UK Pounds? Many thanks

    1. What a nice girlfriend you are! Unfortunately, it’s a little early to make a booking for April next year. Please get in touch again around February next year.

  5. Hi,
    I am interested in a lesson early next year. I tried to email the school but was told it was not a real address?
    Are you able to help at all?
    Thanks, Beth

  6. Hi,
    My partner and I will be in Tokyo from 28th of Oct till 4th of Nov 2018. Do you have a lessons available ?


  7. Hi, I am planning to go to Japan in April/May 2019 , when is the earliest possible date for booking a lesson?
    Do they have a package if I wanted to attend more than one day?

    Thanks, Taro

  8. Hello ,

    I plan to visit Japan the end of this month to beginning of next month, do you have any classes available? Thanks!

  9. Hi, i am looking to come to japan later this year, and really wanting to come to ebisu, I was wondering if a 19 could have a day or a couple days lessons there??

    1. Hi Liam,

      Yep, a 19 year old, or even a 9 y.o. can come and drive at Ebisu circuit. A driver’s licence is not required to drive here. I’ll send you an email and we can discuss lessons a bit further! Stu

  10. hey mate i would like to do a half day lesson im heading to tokyo from 22 of jan to 31 of jan can i get more info to book it

  11. I will be in Japan for work from Feb 23rd until March 30 I would like to attend a half day lesson but it must be on the weekend. I will be staying in Utsunomya.

  12. Hi Disco Stu, Just wondering about booking a full day drift lesson through you. Im looking at 7th and 8th of may this year. I am from New Zealand and trying to book via drift academy but since you dwell in Japan and can interpret as well so you sir is the best way to go

    1. Hi Rolando. Are you talking about the end of the year – Dec 2019 to Jan 2020? That’s a fair ways off from now and it’s in winter so I can’t really give you a certain answer. The snow falls here from late December to early April and if there is snow on the track, then they can’t do lessons. Sorry, maybe get in touch a bit later in the year? Stu

  13. Hi!
    My partner and I are travelling to Japan in June 2019 and I am looking to book him in a complete drift lesson. Can you give me a bit of info about what’s included, what I need to provide, and how to book?

  14. Hi, I’m interested in a half day drift lesson March 9th or 18th, could you send on some details please and also do the instructors speak English or is a translator included or extra? Thanks!

    1. G’Day Keith. I just sent you an email with info. Suenaga san’s English is pretty good so an interpreter usually isn’t necessary, but sometimes they get one to help with the lesson anyway (e.g. if there are two students taking the lesson, etc.) and it isn’t any extra cost. Disco

  15. Hi Stu ,
    Would I be able to book in July ? Also are there any requirements that I would need to know about before?
    Thank You!

  16. Hi there, me and my girlfriend are planning a trip to japan, and already told her i cant skip Ebisu. is there a package deal or can we arrange a multiple day(2,3 even maby 4 ?) session for between 5 and 25 of august. and is there a beginners/medium/pro class ? or will that be judged by the instructor.

    1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for the inquiry. A multi-day session may be possible. I’ll do my best to get you in. The lessons are tailored to fit your level so you’ll learn the skills you need to learn. I’ll send over an email and we can continue the chats there. Cheers, Disco Stu

  17. Hi Stu
    Me and my girlfriend are interested in a halfday lesson, we both want to learn drift 🙂
    from 2nd May to 9th May would be possible.
    Please send me an E-Mail with more informations 🙂
    Thank you

  18. hi Stu,
    I have just got the visa for Japan and would like to come for 2-3 days of the full driving package if possible. could you advise me about the availability if possible.

    1. G’day Krunal! Awesome work getting the visa mate! I’ll send you an email with info about the drifting lessons. Cheers, Stu

  19. Hello. I live in Osaka and am contemplating coming for a half day experience during Obon week. Is this possible?

  20. Hi! I want to become a pro in drifting cars. I need guidance and training from you. I want to start from scratch. . Please let me know when I can visit japan and how many days or months I need to stay in japan so that i can arrange for visa accordingly. Thanks

    1. G’day Harnoor! Thanks for your message. That’s an awesome ambition to have! I will email you and give you my number so we chat about it. Regards, Stu

  21. Hi. We are planning a trip in April and wanted to look into signing up our son for drifting lessons. I was hoping to get some details about the lessons, availability and if there is a minimum age requirement.

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for contacting me. I will send you an email about it, so let’s continue the discussion via email! Cheers, Stu

  22. Hi, Im visiting Japan the last two weeks of July 2020, and want a complete drift lesson package. Can you please send me more information. Thanks!

    1. Hi Hector, sounds great! I can help you arrange a drifting lesson for sure. I’ll send you an email shortly with all the information. Cheers, Stu

  23. Hi,
    I had sent you a DM on instagram. Also tell me can i visit this place for drifting class, when the travel restrictions will be over?
    As I’m from Pakistan.

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