2006 D1 Series Round 6 Ebisu South

2006 D1 Series Round 6 Ebisu South

The 6th round of D1, the Professional Drift
League in Japan, took place at Ebisu curcuit
on the 26th and 27th of August 2006. I was
there with my fellow drift team mates…
Pete and that other guy.
And it was rocking!!

We went just for the finals which was the Sunday. The owner of Ebisu curcuit (and also my mate), Kumakubo san in his Team Orange GDB rear-wheel drive Subaru Impreza qualified first on the Saturday and and battled it out against the famous R34 Blitz Skyline driver Nomuken (not my mate..yet) in the finals to walk away with the trophy!
Yay..I bet with my mates he would win! And it was extra special for Kumakubo beacuase that was the first time he had won a D1 round at Ebisu…(his own track!..well for a while)

Waku Waku San…drives a blue (formerly green) s15 Silvia..I think he’s second on the leader board now.

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  1. Great report Stu! Awsome pix! oh thats right I took them. The “other guy” sounds like he’d be a sik drifter! oh by the way your Oki reports are due next week!

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