2019 Ebisu Drift Matsuri Dates

2019 Ebisu Drift Matsuri Dates

Hey Drifting fans! Here are the dates for the Ebisu drift matsuri events this year in 2019.

Spring Matsuri May 3rd – 4th

Summer Matsuri – August 11th – 12th

Fall Matsuri – November 9th – 10th

As usual, there will be the G1GP drift competition held the day before the matsuri weekend (on the Friday) which you can enter or watch and cheer along your favorite gaijin driver.

See you there!

Disco Stu

2 Replies to “2019 Ebisu Drift Matsuri Dates”

  1. Hello! I want to surprise with partner with a trip to Japan next year specifically for the Matsuri at Ebisu during Spring. Are the dates usually around the same time each year? Im just trying to work out dates but I don’t know when they release the dates for next year?!

    Also I saw somewhere on here you help with actually going drifting. My partner drifts in Sydney, Australia so it would be awesome to include something where he could actually drift while we are visiting. Can you please help me out or send me some details about how I can arrange all of this.

    1. Hi Skye! Thanks for your message. Yes, I can help your partner do some drifting while he’s here. I can book a Team Orange lesson for you, or if they can’t do it, I can give you/your partner a drifting lesson in my RB25 Laurel. I will send you an email with more info about that!

      As for the Matsuri dates, they usually release those about March every year. But yes, they’re usually on around the same time every year. Please check back here around then for when I post them to my site.
      – Disco

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