D1 Food Battle

D1 Food Battle

It’s a little known feature of D1, but after the D1 drift competition, the battles continue with a high-speed food battle!

The food battle competitors get into teams of 2 or 3 depicted by their sponsors i.e. “Yokohama team” which is the Team Orange guys, “Toyo team” which is Kawabata and Suenaga Masao etc.

The whole aim of the game: to devour a mystery food and then a main dish as fast as possible.

As in the case of yesterday’s D1 food battle, the surprise food was egg tofu with pickled ginger on top and the main dish was a whole watermelon!

The winning team yesterday was the Yokohama team (Team Orange’s Kuma and Igu) despite the fact that Kumakubo hates egg tofu and Igusa san hates pickled ginger!

Obviously not as heart racing as watching them drift but a good laugh and fun end to an awesome day.

Disco Stu

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