D1 Japan Rd. 6 2009 Ebisu Results

D1 Japan Rd. 6 2009 Ebisu Results

D1 round 5 and 6 was held over the 2 consecutive days this weekend at Ebisu circuit.

Yesterday (Saturday) was Round 5 which I missed out on, was apparently sunny and fine. Today (Sunday), the day I chose was showering all day but that’s not to say it was bad.

Rain + 600hp D1 cars + a tight Ebisu south course = plenty of hair raising slips and bent fenders!

Luckily it wasn’t pouring down so I didn’t get soaked but the showers got the track wet enough for some interesting drifting.

Some mentionable fender benders were Orido in his red Aristo and “drift samurai” in his blue Fc Rx7. But a slide into the concrete wall from them wasn’t a big shock…they are crazy baka drifters..haha!

The Best 16 was filled with the usual crowd….Kumakubo, Nomuken, Daigo Saito, Kawabata, Hibino etc.

But a few rare entries such as Sakuma in the Toyo S15 was good to see too.

I’ve met Sakuma a couple of times before and been in the car with him while drifting (awesome drifter obviously) …and now he’s matching up against Kumakubo so good for him.

Other favorites like Tanaka & Suenaga from Team Orange didn’t pass qaulifying which was a shame. It would be awesome to see Team Orange take out the final three places one day.

The final battle was between yesterday’s Rd 5 champ Suenaga Masao in his white and green FD RX7 and Tezuka Tsuyoshi in the yellow R34 faced R32 skyline who barely scraped in the final entry over Kumakubo in a double “sudden death battle against Kumakubo.

It was Suenaga Masao’s lucky weekend as he took the win again today!

Tezuka must have been worn out from the three runs before against Kuma…you could tell he was struggling when he went straight into the door of Masao’s FD and lost his front bumper and headlight in the first run of the finals.

This weekend goes down to another great weekend of D1 drift in Japan. I had a great time but would have loved to see Kumakubo take the win…especially since Ebisu is his home track.

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