Drag Racing Meet in Sendai Highland 2008

Drag Racing Meet in Sendai Highland 2008

Hi guys and gals, long time no hear!

Sorry this post is not to do with Drifting but its still got some very cool Japanese speed thrills..this time its Japanese Drag racing!

Coming from Brisbane and the nice drag strip at Willowbank Raceway and the high level of cars such as Top Fuel that Willowbank attracts at events like Winternats etc. I was a interested to see what type of line up good old Sendai Highland drag raceway would get.

My vote: 8/10

They had a good variety of high-performance Japanese cars there….not just all Skylines like I thought it would be. Apparently, drag racing has lost a lot of its popularity…now everyones likes Drifting..but who can blame them?

There were some fast cars there and then…not so fast cars. The fastest car of the day was the full-tube chassis R32 GTR Skyline from ESCORT. It ran a 5.3 seconds over the 1/8the mile. Why it dod not run the full 1/4 mile I don’t know..car too fast maybe?

Super loud and impressive to say the least! 1000+ HP RB26

RB26 Nissan Ute

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ps. I out a few more pics from this day up on Facebookcheck them out here!

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