Drifting gone wrong – How not to drift

Drifting gone wrong – How not to drift

Hey Drift Fans, I was just chilling out at Youtube watching some crazy dudes trying to drift. All I can say is..Oh my goodness!

Check out these videos below and learn “how not to drift”! You got to treat your cars better guys – or get a new one that’s built for drifting!

This guy wipes out the rear end of his car on a water hydrant – OUCH!

This guy has no idea at all…..trying to drift in a front wheel drive family car. He goes to check his tires to see if they’re hot but checks the rear tires!

At around 2:20 on the video, he tries something…I don’t know exactly but he pops the front tire off the rim.

There is a common problem with these guys…for one, they are drifting on the street…and second, they have no idea what they are doing, and third, the cars they are trying to drift in are totally not built for drifting.

It pays in the end to go to a proper enclosed drift track and practice there. You’re putting your life and other’s lives in danger when you drift on the street….not to mention the damage and repair bill of your car.

Have fun and drift safe!

Thanks for reading,
Stu – www.DriftInJapan.com

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