First Drift Day for 2007!

First Drift Day for 2007!

Today was the first time I went out for a drift…well..I just went to watch. Today’s drift session was at SS park circuit here in Nihonmatsu. The opposite direction from Ebisu. It’s free to go and watch the drifting at SS but it costs 1500yen to enter ebisu.

I was only there for an hour or so because It was getting pretty damn cold out there! It is the middle of winter here you know!? It’s a public holiday today so I knew there’d be a few drifters out and there were, but not a lot, just a few. A couple of s13 silvias, a chaser but he left soon after I got there, ae86 sprinter hatch (or corolla if you’re from USA), a laurel with a rb26!!! and a couple of others. Check out the pics!

This is the Laurel with the RB26!! Pretty nice and he was floggin it around the track too! The track was really wet as you can see, melted snow, so they could slide for a really long distance. Was cool to watch!!

A beater ae86. Was really rough and the guy wasn’t the most experienced driver. But with a naturally aspirated 4AGE and a wet track, it would have been awesome fun. I wanted to have a go! NA 4AGE + AE86 + wet track = Ultimate Drift Experience.

This white 180sx or 240sx if your in the US, was also very nice. Sounded awesome too.

This orange silvia s13 was pretty much immaculate. I asked the guy how long he had it for and he told me he just finished putting it together. Wide body kit, Trust?? front mount intercooler, etc. The paint actually has metallic flakes in it. Yes, that is snow in the background!

This purple s13 silvia is a bit of a drift thrasher. He didn’t really care about his you can probably see. His rear bumper fell off and he chucked it away off the track. He eventually ended up drifting off the course at the far end of the track and broke his tie rod end. Luckily he brought the car on a trailer so he could tow it home. I guess he expected to break it or was trying to. Yep, he went off course here big time too.

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  1. Hello, very nice pics, i was hoping that you would be able to contact me regarding up coming drift events in japan as i have planned a trip there in febuary, but have had no luck finding a list of scheduled events. So if you can find the time pls email me. Btw my name is Angus and i am 18 years old and have little knowledge of drifting and mechanics but viewing an event would be awesome. Thanks
    [email protected]

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