G1GP Gaijin Drift Competition Summer 2017 At Ebisu Nishi Long

G1GP Gaijin Drift Competition Summer 2017 At Ebisu Nishi Long

Hey it’s Disco here! After a few years of ‘semi-retirement’ from drifting competitions, I finally got my shit together and entered the G1GP in Summer of 2017.

The course was Nishi (west) long course – the same course that they run Formula Drift Japan on. After watching the pros drift on this course, it had become a course that I always wanted to drift on. Apart from during the Matsuris, this course is not usually open for drifting. So entering in G1 was my chance to have a crack.

Filthy Joe
Filthy Joe in his JXZ90 practice car.
Some random mechanics talking about how tighten bolts and stuff.
Kev Flynn from Australia
Nic Kurippin

My car of choice (the only only choice) was the old C33 Laurel packing a RB25 DET. Check out some of the pics that I was able to snap during the day.

She’s not pretty but she’s Ok – C33 Laurel
Lining up for practice in the Laurel.
I surprised myself by actually qualifying in the top 16. However, I wasn’t able to beat Mike Nakamura.

Summer at Ebisu circuit is notorious for being an absolute sweat-hole but, with some rain and cloud coverage, it was surprisingly nice to be outside. The rain however did make it tricky to stay on the course at end of the first corner. As soon as you run onto the ripple strips, you lose almost all traction and slide right off the course into the mud. I came off a few times but one time I hit the muddy bank pretty hard and gave the intercooler a mud pack. Luckily, no damage was done and I could keep on drifting.

Front first into the muddy bank after spinning 360. Mud packs actually help with cooling.
I really need to get fatter wheels and tires for the back.. and some bumpers!
The G1Gp podium! Charles Ng took 1st place, Eiji Wakamatsu from Team Red Stage got 2nd, and Mike Nakamura in his beast JZX 100 came in 3rd.

As always, it’s great fun to enter the G1Gp comp with other foreigners. That’s what it’s all about – just having fun and not worrying too much about breaking their cars ‘coz everyone is basically driving a matsuri car.

Big thanks to Kumakubo and Suenaga from Team Orange and the Ebisu staff for putting on the events every time. Looking forward to more G1Gp in 2018 and onward!

Disco Stu

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