Hot FC RX7 and More at SS Park Drift Circuit 2008

Hot FC RX7 and More at SS Park Drift Circuit 2008

It was such a fine day last weekend I just had to get out to the ‘other’ local drift circuit SS Park Circuit in Nihonmatsu Japan. I usually go to Ebisu drift course to drift but SS Park is free so when I want to go and watch for a short time I go there!

Anyhoo, check out some of these sweet drift pictures I took on the day!

black rx7 driftingThis bad ass FC RX7 looked sweet on the course. However, up close you could tell it was a true drift pig….still not bad though!
green 180sx driftThe GREEN drift gremlin 180sx – good driver and pretty good car…if you like the snot green color! lol
s15 silvia drift specSweet S14 Silvia didn’t get out much but looked good…the driver wasn’t so good though 🙁

Hoping to go to Ebisu very soon to slide’s been too long!! Hope you enjoy these and leave a comment if you like!

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