Mad Mike’s 26B 4-Rotor Generation 5 RX-7

Mad Mike’s 26B 4-Rotor Generation 5 RX-7

If you’re a drift fan or simply rotary nut, your jaw is bound to drop when you see Mad Mike’s latest weapon.

Mike’s Red Bull FD Rx-7 ‘Madbull’ is now in it’s 5th generation.

Still keeping the Naturally Aspirated 26B 4 rotor engine, but it now is equipped with a tube chassis front and rear.

Here is a recent video of it in a shakedown session:

The car is now all ready to be sent to good old Australia where he’ll be competing in the Tectaloy Drift Challenge that’s running in conjunction with the World Time Attck in Eastern Creek raceway in Sydney on 5 and 6th of August 2011.

Nicely done Mike and good luck in the competitions!

Would love to see it in the flesh too to hear the 10,000 rpm and beyond scream from the 4 rotor. Maybe a special appearance at a D1 Japan round is on the cards?

Disco Stu

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