Rhys Millen’a Solstice GXP Drift Car

Rhys Millen’a Solstice GXP Drift Car

Rhys Millen’s Solstice GXP Drift car might not be the prettiest, or most typically styled drift car, but its a great piece of machinery in itself.

Rhys’ machine is not your typical daily driver of course, but the combo of great chassis dynamics and power make for an almost perfect drift car set up. It has a worked 2.4L turbo ECOtec race engine. A Torque-monster, putting out 520 ft-lbs of torque and 500 horsepower!

The Solstice GXP is a sports car at heart so it makes sense to turn it into a full-bore race car!

So how’s the Solstice GXP’s production engine?

It’s a 2.0L turbo ECOtec LNF, an advanced engine design with direct injection and continuously variable valve timing, making 260 horsepower and 260ft-lbs of torque.

Still not quite the monster of Rhys’ Solstice drift car, but should be enough to allow the Solstice to drift like it’s production competitors in the drift scene like the Nissans and Mustangs!

Check out Ryhs drifting his Red Bull Solstice at Formula D. Some may not like the shape much, but this car would be a lot of fun to drift!

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