Stagea Ute? Can It Drift?

Stagea Ute? Can It Drift?

Sometimes I browse Yahoo Auctions for cars and parts and come across some pretty funky stuff on there.

Here’s a Nissan Stagea Truck/Ute with a RB25DET and manual conversion. It might not be to everyone’s liking but I think it’s pretty damn cool. Especially with those 19″ deep dish chrome wheels.

I assume it’s been made into RWD…. Wouldn’t you turn some heads showing up to the drift track in this? 

It’s for sale too at the moment for a only 450,000 JPY on Yahoo Auctions. That price is more than double the price of a regular Stagea in Japan but for something this modified and cool, not a bad price!

It can be registered in Japan as far as I know but not sure about overseas. You’d need to check with your state’s road laws and engineering rules to see if something this radical can be street legal.

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