Stuffed clutches and other problems with drift cars

Stuffed clutches and other problems with drift cars

When owning or looking to buy a drift car, there are a bunch of problems you should know and look out for that are common with drift cars. Here are some important things to look out for when to buying your first drift car or what you’ll be facing after you drift long and hard with your drift car already.

1. Stuffed Clutch – OK…this takes a no-brainer to understand. The clutch often stuffs up quickly because you’rwe giving it a hammering. Especially if you’re in a NA like a “Hachiroku” where you need to clutch-kick the whole waty around a corner to keep it drifting.

2. Worn Diff – Preferrably you’ll be using a 2-way mechanical LSD (limited slip diff). They don’t break that often but the clutches in them wear out too especially if you drive on the street too. If you’re buying a drift car, check the diff by going around some tight turns slowly and listen for any strange clunking noises. and then test it out drifting to see if the diff actually locks up.

3. Stuffed Shocks – Even more so with drift cars, shocks and springs get stuffed quickly. I guess the hard g-forces on them going around corners and switching back. If you’re buying a second hand drift car, expect to replace the shocks and springs soon.

4. Bent Axles and Rims – When you go sideways in a half-in-half-out of control drift, you hit stuff. Bent rims and axles are almost a given on drift cars. Get your mate to follow behind as tyou drive to check the wheels as you drive along.

5. Engine Thrashed? – Drifting is easier at redline. That means the drift engines can be toast…or soon to be. Check for blowing white smoke and/or boost leaks. If there the engine is gutless ie. NO-POWER, time for a rebuild.

The car might look tight with a body-kit, rims and lowered “drift agro” stance, but if it won’t get you around the track for at least one lap, it’s a big heavy paper weight.

Check out your drift car often. Take care of it by keeping up with oil-changes and avoiding hitting stuff like gutters and body-kit-ripping dirt.

Have fun, Drift safe!

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