“Taimen Dorifuto” Kumakubo VS. Tanaka D1 Street Legal Ebisu

“Taimen Dorifuto” Kumakubo VS. Tanaka D1 Street Legal Ebisu

Here’s a little extra surprise Dorifuto vid for you! This is TEAM ORANGE‘s Kumakubo heading it off with team mate Tanaka. I mean literally heading it out! In Japanese, taimen means face off, head to head, head on etc….so taimen drift is head on drifting.

These 2 are famous for their “head on drifting” antics. They do this stunt drifting at most big D1 events..if you’ve ever seen a JDM Option or Drift Tengoku (Drift Heaven) dvd, chances are you’ve seen them do it before.

They did it once again at the last D1 Street legal meeting at Ebisu last weekend. It was unreal to see it in real life. Kumakubo in his orange Jun made FR WRX Impreza boasting 550hp with Tanaka in his former range s15 Silvia….horsepower???? enough to kick ass on the drift track! With out further adue..here is the “taimen” drift vid!

Look out for one more motion drift vid I’m in the process of puitting together! Cheers, Stuart!!

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  1. Hi!

    I want to learn drifting, but its not a very popular sport here in Norway ^^
    So I have been thinking about moving to Japan for a year or so to work and learn to drift =) Are the circuits open every day for everyone? Or is it just weekends?

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