Team Orange Interviews with Naoto and Sumika

Team Orange Interviews with Naoto and Sumika

Luke from has been busy making more videos for us to enjoy.

Here are two ‘up close and personal’ interview videos from two Team Orange members.

The first is with the “Queen of drift” Sumika Kubokawa, and the second with quick-hands Naoto Suenaga.


Thanks Team Orange! You guys rock!!

Cool trivia: I, Disco Stu, was actually the man behind the questions for these interviews!

Luke begged me on his hands and knees to lash out my Japanese skills to do the interviews.

Videos were shot in the front display room at Kumakubo’s K-Style garage in Nihonmatsu city Fukushima. That’s why there’s a lot of Team Orange merchandise in the background.

Wish we could have done an interview with Kuma too… Maybe soon!? Fingers crossed.

Disco Stu

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