Tokyo Motor Show 2007 with Slideshow!

Tokyo Motor Show 2007 with Slideshow!

I went to the 40th bi-annual Tokyo Motor Show in Chiba (so not really Tokyo) last weekend with my father-in-law. It was awesome fun. Heaps of nice cars, some crappy ones too and nice promo girls or “KanGaru” (campaign girl) as they say in Japanese.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure! Click the “Play” button, NOT the screen….

^^ Click the play button to view!

The Tokyo Motor Show this year was open to press from October 24, and open to the public on Saturday the 27th. On this opening day, almost 90,000 people attended, and on the following day, the Sunday, more than 120,000 people attended. We had originally planned to go on the Sunday but luckily, thanks to Keiko’s (my wife) suggestion to go on Monday, we saved ourselves the bother of fighting the crowds.

The crowd favorite was defnitelty Nissan’s new Skyline GTR. There were crowds in the hundred around it all day and I had to fight for my position to just take a picture. The new concpets from Lexus were really cool. If they ever go into production, I want one! Honda typically had very cool concepts as well. I really have a soft spot for Porsche and they had some sexy ones there…with a price tag to match.

Thanks for looking!

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