BAKA IN CAR Stickers For Sale

BAKA IN CAR Stickers For Sale

Do you drive like a BAKA? Now you can show the whole world just how much of a BAKA you are!

(sidenote: “BAKA” is Japanese for “idiot, fool, crazy” so it’s the perfect word to describe someone who likes going a bit mental on the drift track)

My small shipment of “BAKA IN CAR” stickers just arrived from the US so now they’re for sale to all baka drifters around the world!

Made from quality vinyl so they will last and not peel or fade. Size is 5″ x 5″ (12.5cm x 12.5cm).

Cost is just US$3.00 each and postage is US$3.00 worldwide for up to 5 stickers.

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Disco Stu

3 Replies to “BAKA IN CAR Stickers For Sale”

  1. thanks Chris! well, I'll just see how these go.. the idea is to sell a lot and make a little profit.. but if they sell like hotcakes I'll get more and raise the price.

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