Lovin’ The “Rat Look”

Lovin’ The “Rat Look”

WTF is the “rat look”? Take a look at these “zombie” death-on-wheels looking things and I’ll think you’ll get the idea…

no need to wash after drifting through dirt
that wing is the shiznit! just a little heavier than carbon…

While some people might want to run to get a bucket, I think this rusty antique and shiny, bright color fusion look is very sick (i.e. the “cool” sick)…

your worst nightmare is now a reality

I’m not exactly sure how the “rat look” is achieved but I can only guess that they grind all the paint off (or strip it with acid or something?), let it sit in the rain or under a tree to let it rust then rub it down with diesel oil or something to stop it completely turning to a pile of rust. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Surprisingly (or not), there aren’t a heap of cars getting around with this rat look, but I really hope it catches on. There is a website dedicated to the rat look (www.rat-look.com) so it shows there are a group into it.

Actually, there are a few “rat look” cars that get around Ebisu at drift matsuri time. But they are not made to look that way intentionally.. they are usually old Corolla KE70s and 86s that have been rusting from the day they came out of the factory.

Disco Stu

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  1. Hi dude

    Thanks for the plug to my web site! I'm such a sucker for abused drift rats, ever since I saw a ratty 200sx a few years back..

    Do you know of any threads or places where I can find more of the stuff you've posted? I'm getting a PS13 in a few months and need some inspiration!!

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