Cars of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Cars of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

The line-up of cool drift cars in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift is what made the movie as memorable as it is. With nothing less than the best Japanese drift cars making the cut for the movie, its drifting fans heaven.

Lets have a closer look at some of the cars of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift….

By far the star car of the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift has to be the FD Mazda Rx7 with the black and orange duco over the Veliside bodykit. I actually know the guy who sold them that FD and I saw the original while it was still a junker 🙂

The Mafia’s bad guy’s black Nissan 350Z which everyone gasped as they watched it drift up the spiral driveway in the car park. That stunt was done by NZ/USA drifter Rhys Millen without any CG, he did it all with just the car!

The red Lancer Evo was a head turner too as Evos are generally known as all wheel drive cars that don’t really drift. This is the car he practiced and learned to drift in.

Japanese drifting and racing legend Keiichi Tsuchiya made an appearance as a fisherman when the red Evo was practicing at the wharf.

I remember he says “kountaa wa osoi ne” which means “He’s too late with his counter steer.”

The ‘girl’ car, sky blue Mazda RX8 appeared an was driven by Australian actress Nathalie Kelley. I love RX8’s but not this one. The color and body kit weren’t the best suit for it. I guess they were trying to make it girly.

The 1967 Mustang Fastback was thrown in the plot to mix up the cars a bit. We see new Mustangs drift but hardly ever old school classics like this one drift! But this one was a little different. It had a Nissan RB26 powering it instead of the old ford V8 engine.

At the time of the movie’s release, I asked Kumakubo san (Pro D1 Driver) about the cars of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift (he was a stunt driver in the movie) and he said the Mustang was the worst car to drift out of all of them. He mentioned the Evo was the best drift car…and that’s probably the reason he built his Evo 9 drift car for the Japanese D1 competition.

The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift is a movie you can switch on and watch anytime. You don’t need to follow the story, just watch the cars, girls and drifting. That’s more important anyway!

Drift hard, live safe.
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