How to Import a Car from Japan Yourself

How to Import a Car from Japan Yourself

Hi drift and Japanese import car fans!

The average Joe drifter doesn’t know how to import a car from Japan, so today I want to tell you a little about how to get your favorite Japanese car into your country.

Most people go about importing a Japanese car through an agent or dealer. This is fine, but it can be expensive when unseen expenses arise.

Basically, you give him your “dream” car description to and he goes out to find one by searching the Japanese used car auctions or looks through ones he already has for a car that matches.

He then purchases it on your behalf, puts it on a boat to your country and arranges all the import and customs forms. It arrives and another agent picks it up and arranges the customs clearance and pays import fees/taxes etc.

After that, it’s ready to be registered and driven on the street!

You’re all happy….untill,

Untill, your jaw drops when you see the bill for the services and then all the ‘extra’ unseen charges that have added up! You’ve got your car but not any money left for gasoline to drive the darn thing! But there is a better way to go about importing a car from Japan.

You can actually save a whole lot of money when you import a Japanese car by yourself!

Here’s how to do it…. There is a membership website full of expert guidance that will show you the easy way, step-by-step on how to import a car from Japan by yourself.

The lifetime membership will set you back a little under $40, but when you consider the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars you will save by importing your Japanese car by yourself, it makes sense to get the expert and personal help.

For more information and help about how to import a car from Japan, click here to visit

I highly recommend it for anyone looking to import their very own Japanese performance car without wasting money on an expensive agent.

Happy drifting,

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