D1GP Japan 2009 Event Schedule Calendar

D1GP Japan 2009 Event Schedule Calendar

Ok, it’s well into the new year and the 2009 D1GP Japan drift calendar is out so I’d better post it up here.

And then there’s even this video that introduces each round and circuit.

Mark your calendars because this year’s D1 in Japan is bound to have lots of wild turns with the new variety of drift cars appearing.

Notice how some of the rounds will be held back to back in one weekend? That means great for spectators who can watch 2 rounds over 2 days straight. But bad for drivers if they crash or break their cars on the first day.

Let me know if you’re planning to make it for rounds 1 , 5 or 6 at Ebisu. You’ll see me there so give me a shout out.

See ya aorund,


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  1. hi there i was just wondering .. i know its still early 2009. but would it be possible if u have the 2010 drift schedule ..?

  2. Hello! Are you sure the Fuji speedway will have a race October 2009? We just called over there and there wasn't anything set yet. Is there anywhere on the internet that I can keep an eye out to see if this race will happen?

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