D1 Drift Japan 2009 Round 1 Ebisu Results

D1 Drift Japan 2009 Round 1 Ebisu Results

The 2009 D1 GP Japan drift series kicked off with the first round in Ebisu over the March 28th 29th weekend.

A sell out crowd filled the Ebisu south course stands and braved the ZERO degree chills and snow to see the best drifters Japan has to offer!

To cut to the chase, here are the Top 8 results from Round 1 of D1 GP Japan 2009:

1. Nomura Ken (white R34 skyline)
2. Imamura Yoichi (red S15 slivia)
3. Saito Daigo (red JZX100 chaser)
4. Tezuka Tsuyoshi (yellow R32 skyline)
5. Suenaga Masao (white FD RX-7)
6. Kuroi (blue Toyo S13 one-via)
7. Kumakubo Nobushige (Evo 10 Lancer)
8. Koguchi (dark red 180sx)

All eyes were on Kumakubo in his new Evo 10 Lancer drift machine (7th place) so it was a shame to see him get knocked out against Tezuka in the R32. Tezuka was in fact drifting like a champ all day, so it was good to see him advance.

Another upset was Saito Daigo (last years overall champ – JZX100) getting knocked out in the semi-finals vs. Imamura (red S15)….Saito’s car is an abolute monster and he was driving it aggressively all day.

The final round brought Nomuken and Imamura head to head.

Imamura lead the first run but his engine broke, stopped and he couldn’t start it for the second run so Nomuken won by default.

It started snowing just before the final round so everyone was in a hurry to get home anyway…so thanks Yoichi, you saved us a few extra minutes of pain!

A great day of drifting even though it was freezing cold!

The next rounds in Ebisu will be round 5 and 6 in August (summer) so it will be nice and hot and I can watch it without shivering and catching a cold.

Ueno’s Series 3 BMW drift car was in the pits but never made it out to the track. The car is beautifully made and will be great to see it out drifting amongst the Japanese cars.

Also, Saito Daigo’s Mustang was on display but not driven…that car is supposed to be prepped and ready for the track during this season some time. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

Round 2 of the 2009 D1 GP Drift season will be held in Autopolis on April 26th.

Unfortunately, it’s at the other end of Japan and as much as I’d like to go, I’ll have to skip it. But I’ll keep you updated on the results from that and the rest of the 2009 D1 drift season!

Live hard – Drift safe!

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  1. Great to see Nomuken win. But, this Osaru guy never been a championship winner. I hope this funny monkey man can be the D1 champ for this year.

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