Drift Matsuri in Ebisu Summer 2007

Drift Matsuri in Ebisu Summer 2007

Ebisu held their 2 day Summer Drift Matsuri (drift festival) over this last weekend, August 11-12. And as always, drifters came from far and wide to enter. Although there is no drift competetion, just practice, there was plenty of action to see. Here is a sample video of some quality action I took. Make sure you check 1:15 for the sikkest car of the day. A 3 cylinder K car in undercoat. They drift anything over here.

Also, the new Ebisu West drift course was open! It was the first time I had seen drifting on it. Looks like sooo much fun. I wan’t to run on it bad!

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  1. LOL @ the K-Car…

    Looks like fun.
    What part of the country is Ebisu at? Nova is sending me to “west” japan and said I can have preference for a place in there, but where do you think I might find a racetrack in “west” Japan, which is pretty large, googling wont help :'(

    – Matthew

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