Kumakubo’s New D1 Drift Lancer Evolution 9

Kumakubo’s New D1 Drift Lancer Evolution 9

Kumakubo’s brand new D1 drift machine – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 (IX) was finally unveiled and made its debut run at Round 5 of the 2007 D1 grand prix series at Ebisu yesterday, 26th of August 2007.

Kumakubo qualifed in the Best 16 and made it through the first round but was knocked out after he missed a gear shift on one of his runs. He said the cause was a stuck clutch. Thwe clutch pedal didn’t come up…OUCH! – The painful woes of a new drift car.

Here it is! – Lancer Evolution 9 D1 drift machine driven by Team Orange’s front man Kumakubo Nobushige. As you can see in this picture the 500+hp 4G63 turbo engine is installed north-south like conventional rear wheel drive cars and not east-west how Lancers originally come from the factory.

Kumakubo said he wanted to change to a Lancer after he was a stunt driver in this years Hollywood movie Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo Drift and liked the way the Lancer Evo handled and moved.

The Lancer heading down to the main straight before the fast and aggressive first corner at Ebisu south course.

Kumakubo smokin the tires ang getting nice angle in the infield at at the end of his run. Notice the rear suspension is sinking pretty low. He must have the settings pretty soft.

Some of the TEAM ORANGE members. Kumakubo is in the middle, the manager second from the right and Igusa san (Team Orange and K-style cheif mechanic). Other Team Orange drivers that are not in this picture are Tanaka and Naoto Suenaga – both drive WRX Imprezas.

So now Kumakubo has 3 competition drift cars – S15 Silvia, WRX Impreza, and now the Lancer Evolution…and all orange.

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  1. Phwaaa, the new evo looks pretty sweet…
    I think maybe the rear sags so much because the squat is still set as stock, not adjusted for 500RWHP?
    Meh, nice photos


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