Drifting In The Wet (Videos)

Drifting In The Wet (Videos)

Last Sunday here at Ebisu, it was a poor missile drifters dream come true… RAIN ALL DAY!

Some people hate it and some people love it, but drifting missiles in the wet, for guys like Chris Dejager and me is the perfect scenario.

Tires last longer, its easier on the cars, its cooler on the drivers, cars slide more, its a little more un-nerving.. what more could you ask for?

So I packed my Drift X170 camera and headed to Ebisu to fire up the good ‘ol Ceffy and hit the tracks for some rain battles with Chris.

You can always expect some carnage on rainy days at Ebisu so taking a camera to capture the thrills and spills is a must!

And here is a little bit of footage from the day… Lucky my camera is water proof.. and shock proof which I tested out with a bit of off-roading at the end of this video! (Ebisu school course)

And this one also with a little off-roading right at the end 🙂 I just couldn’t seem to stick to Chris no matter how hard I pushed. My line was off but at least I know now so I’ll practice the right way next time. (Ebisu Drift Land)

All this footage was taken with my awesome X170 Drift action camera and RAM suction mount. Love it!

More to come so stay wired!

Disco Stu

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