Robbie Nishida’s R35 GTR Drift Weapon (Video)

Robbie Nishida’s R35 GTR Drift Weapon (Video)

Ok, it’s a little old news now – this thing appeared last year! But for us Japan based drifters, (or maybe just me) it’s the first decent one, and only one? on the scene.

I caught a glimpse of Robbie Nishida’s Hankook sponsored R35 GTR while browsing some photos of a recent Formula D round.

And just to make sure it was a real GTR and not some fake fiberglass GTR look-a-like I dug a little deeper (on Youtube ;).. and no doubt it’s real. It’s real and it’s awesome. 

Remember all the hype about Nomuken drifting a R35 GTR in the D1 over here in Japan that started about 2 years ago?

To this day, no R35 GTR drift car to be seen (not in Japan anyway). Nomuken is still driving his R34 4 door… or was until he crashed it at Ebisu last month. This could have been a perfect opportunity for his sponsor to fund a R35 build up.. if Blitz was still his sponsor.

Anyway, for all who want to see what a full drift spec R35 GTR looks like Robbie’s is it.

It goes to show that Formula D is a way further ahead than Japan’s D1… in the sponsor dollars category anyway 🙂

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