Drifting RC Style… Finally got one!

Drifting RC Style… Finally got one!

RC drifting isn’t really new anymore but its popularity is quickly spreading in Japan and across the world. I know here that when I look in any drift magazine, I see articles on RC drift and ads for rc drift cars typically from YOKOMO and they even advertise at D1 grand prix events.

As the massive drift fan I am, I naturally became interested in rc drift when I first saw it but never got around to getting one. I have a couple of friends who have rc drift cars now and I figured it was finally my time to jump on the RC DRIFT wave!

Here it is! My first RC drift car – MAZDA RX7 FD!

It’s a TT-01D base by TAMIYA (made in Japan of course). TT-01 chassis’ have been around for ages but the TT-01D is the drift spec model. In the drift spec kit I got a high power output motor, oil-damper suspension, drift tires (but they suck – too much grip) and LED lights!

RX-7 FD body is painted in Metallic Red. This color looks sexy on the FD body. An extra coat of white and a coat of black over the top to make the color strong. Added a GT wing on the back for a bit of extra DRIFT ATTITUDE!

The wheels are YOKOMO chromed – don’t know the name of the style but they are sext too. The offset of yokomo wheels are more than the normal TAMIYA so they stick out..again for extra DRIFT ATTITUDE!

RC drift is harder than it looks. But the surprising thing is, the techniques are similar to real drifting. You have to counter steer and adjust your angle with the accelerator and steering.

I’ve only taken it out for a drift twice so far and starting to get the hack of it. Gutters and walls aren’t really forgiving but my FD seems to be taking the beatings OK.

More RC drift and REAL drift news coming soon! Thanks for reading! Stu

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