Drifting tip! The best time to practice drifting is….

Drifting tip! The best time to practice drifting is….

If you’re new to drifting, drifting in the rain is a good time to practice. For the more experienced drifter, its a good test of your drifting skills.

The rain makes the road surface very slippery and add that to the fact you’re already sliding, can make drifting in a nice line a little hard to control. But practicing drifting in the rain can be more fun for low powered cars and newby drifters because its easy to get the tires spinning and getting good angle.

There are good points and bad to drifting in the rain. Some like it and others don’t. Honestly, I kinda like it!

The good points are:

* It’s really effortless to get your tires spinning so it makes for really good practice.

* You’re tires don’t wear out very much – they still do though a little depending how wet the road is.

* You can keep the drift for along time coz you just keep sliding and sliding!

There are some bad points too:

* You can’t go too “fast and furious” or you’ll wipe out big time! For obvious reasons. (Unless you have awesome tires and brakes)

* There’s no white smoke that comes from your smoking tires 🙁 Good for the environment though 🙂

* Car gets dirty from all the tire crap splashing up in the water.

* Not so forgiving when you make a mistake – coz you jsut keep sliding and sliding!

So next time it rains when you plan to go for a drift, don’t worry too much. It will be a good learning and fun experience. Just be careful…as always!

That’s all the news for this week .Stay tuned for more soon.

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