Event News: Four Gaijins In D1SL Divisional

Event News: Four Gaijins In D1SL Divisional

A year ago, only 1 gaijin appeared in the D1SL divisional round at Ebisu. This year there were 4!

Andy “the one and only” made his appearance in his red JZX100 Mark II smoke machine the same as last year but this year, his fiance Emily Loudon, along with Aussies Chris DeJager and Leigh Pidwell entered the local D1SL comp.

As for Disco Stu, well… I would have loved to have been in it to support the “team” but my S13 still needs a little bit of fine tuning and I(‘m trying to save some $$ so I can buy some plates and stuff for our “soon-to-be” new house.. but that’s another story.

Anyway, the other gaijins did just fine without me. They all made it through the first qualifying round and 3 out of 4 of them made it to the final Best 16 tandem drift tournament.

Leigh Pidwell “missed it by that much” coming in 17th after the second qualifying passes. Not a bad effort for just a “visiting” gaijin.

The day ended with the usual award ceremony and the janken taikai (rock, scissors, paper) game to win prizes. I won a Yokomo t-shirt but Andy came away with a brand new exhaust system! Lucky bugger.

It was another full day of drifting, nice cars and a ton of laughs. Can’t wait for G1 and matsuri coming up next month. Stay tuned for coverage of that!

Disco Stu

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