Lancer Evo 10 – JZX100 – R34 (professional D1 drift pics)

Lancer Evo 10 – JZX100 – R34 (professional D1 drift pics)

I got a first-look at some new D1 cars for 2009 at the practice day. A big shout out to Pete from for letting me use his pro drift photos.

Pete is a fellow Aussie gaijin who lives in Fukushima and used to drift a purple FC RX-7 but could never quite match the awesomeness of the black Ceffy of Disco Stu. Ok, well our driving skills might be a good match but I am no match for his sweet photography skills.

The winner of the 2009 D1 Gp round 1 was Nomuken in his R34 Skyline sporting newly designed bodykit, graphics and sponsor by Norton?!?.

D1 drifting in the snow…this Lexus/Soarer? didn’t make it through qualifying unfortunately but it’s got a supercharged motor of some sorts..sounds wicked nice 🙂

Kumakubo (owner and 2006 D1 Champ) was debuting the brand new EVO 10 Lancer drift car built by team orange and JUN autos. He seemed to be struggling with oversteer on practice day but finished in 7th place in the first round comp.

Imamura Yoichi in the hot red PRODRIVE S15 Silvia. A good solid driver but the car suffered engine trouble in the final run in Round 1. He finished 2nd behind Nomuken.

Drift Samurai in his newly resprayed FC RX-7 (was yellow last season). Great sounding and performing car but didn’t manage to make the Best 16 in round 1 this time.

Other drivers who’s performance needs a mention is Kuroi’s Riveside One-via which looks hot here as it smokes the TOYO’s in the in field of minami.

And to top off this photo reel, I’ll finish with the immaculate JZX100 Chaser from WELD. It’s equally as much a show car as it is a drift car. The engine bay is spotless and the polished alloy and chrome shines so much that you need sunglasses when looking at the detail.

Thanks again Pete for the awesome shots. See more of Pete’s of professional drifting photography on SmugMug.

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