The R35 2009 Skyline GTR Can Drift! …well sorta

The R35 2009 Skyline GTR Can Drift! …well sorta

Browsing Youtube this morning I found this video of Nomuken try to drift the new GTR skyline….

We all know Nomuken from D1 and his Blitz R34 Skyline 4 door…so you’d think he could just about drift anything..even the R35 GTR!!

But as you can see in the video, the guys from Nissan didn’t have drifting in mind when they built the R35 GTR….

Have a look at this!

So…it doesn’t look like it will be making it to the next D1 GP round but who knows..maybe they can shake the computers and AWD soon and we can see it drift like a real Japanese sports car.

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