Tokyo Drift In Odaiba June 2008

Tokyo Drift In Odaiba June 2008

Odaiba Tokyo, the popular Tokyo bay-side suburb in Downtown Tokyo is not commonly known for drifting – rather it’s known for it’s TV studios and big shopping complexes.

But for the first time in 3 years, they brought Drift back to Downtown Tokyo with the D1 Drift Exhibition Match held on June 7th-8th 2008.

The Odaiba drift course is large parking lot converted to a decent size course much of the likes of a mirrored Ebisu circuit in shape and speed (120km/h). As the center of Tokyo is packed tighter than a tin of sardines, a permanant drift track is next to impossible so a wide open car park is the next best thing. Nothing wrong with that, I say!

Reports say that all the usual D1 drivers (30 all up) were out showing their best drift machines and drifting skills to the Tokyo crowd.

Team Orange also put on their crowd pleasing drift show from the 4 drivers – Kumakubo, Tanaka, Suenaga and new member Hiraoka. Some of their drift stunts included twin drifting, 4 car drifting and the famous “taimen” drifting (head on drift) with all 4 cars (2 x 2)! Wow! Would have loved to see that!

As it was a real D1 match, they had the usual tournament of Best 16 then Best 8, Best 4 and The Final Round.

The champion of the Odaiba Drift Exhibition for 2008 was Imamura in his new drift machine – red Prodrive Silvia S15 after defeating reigning 2007 D1 champ Kawabata in his (not usual) blue Toyo 180sx.

There is a rumor that this may be the last event in Odaiba – but knowing the growing excitement and fan base for drifting in Japan, I hope we can see more drift events in Odaiba like this!

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