Touge Street Drifting In Japan (video)

Touge Street Drifting In Japan (video)

Drifting as we know it today started out a few decades ago on twisty mountain roads here in Japan known as “touge” (pronounced “toe-gay”)… funny I know but that’s how to say it! lol

These days there are still many secluded touge roads in Japan that street drifters frequent mainly at night, besides the keisatsu (cops) cracking down on them.

But a few J-cops in white mini cars doesn’t scare them away too easily. Japan has ample mountain roads perfect for drifting so when one touge road gets too much heat on it, they find a new one to wreak havoc on.

This video shows one of the more famous touge roads in Japan. I won’t disclose the name of the place but I can say that I have been there late one Saturday night.. and I’m dying to go again!

I have seen the expose of trains of drift cars roaring up and down the sides of this touge valley myself. It was out of this world.

Now… just imagine that road when it’s pitch black and a pack of 10 cars are screaming at 8000 rpm all the up through those hairpins with crowds of people waving torches and flashy lights cheering on the drifters from the sidelines.

You’ve never seen anything like it.. well, the movies aren’t too far off actually, but being there in the flesh is something else! That’s what Japanese street drifting is all about.

Disco Stu

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